The Ottawa Morgentaler Clinic
The Morgentaler Clinic
65 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5N2

telephone: (613) 567-8300
Appointments: (613) 567-3360
fax: (613) 567-9128

Welcome to the clinic. You will be treated here with understanding, sympathy, and competence. The decision to have this abortion may have been very difficult for you, but it will be respected by all members of the staff. Our task is to see that your abortion is done under the best conditions possible so as to safeguard your health and allow you to have children in the future if you should so decide.

How is the abortion going to proceed?

Once the formalities at the reception desk have been completed, you will see a counselor who will review with you the medical questionnaire which you have completed. All the items asked on the questionnaire are important for the best medical nursing care. The method we use here for abortions is used throughout North America, and is very safe.

You may also wish to discuss with the counselor or doctor what birth control you might use after your abortion.

If, after reading this message, you still have questions that you wish to ask, please feel free to talk about these to the counselor or doctor. You have the right to know exactly what to expect, and the counselor or doctor will be quite happy to answer your questions.

When the interview with the counselor is over, you will be shown where the lockers are and the change room where you can put on the bath robe you brought and your socks. You will then have an ultrasound exam to confirm the length of your pregnancy. After the ultrasound, you will be taken to the operating room. Another nurse will remain at your side to care for you, ensure your comfort and to explain what is happening.

Ottawa Fee Schedule

up to 11 wks 12-13 wks 14-16 wks 17-18 wks
Ontario Residents (OHIP) 0 0 0 0
Uninsured $500.00 $600.00 $750.00 $900.00
Interim Federal Health (IFH) 0 0 0 0
University/College Health Insurance Plan (UHIP/CHIP) 0 0 0 0
AB, BC, NS, NW, SK, YT $400.00 $400.00 $550.00 $800.00
QC $350.00 $450.00 $450.00 $600.00
MB, NB, NFLD, PE $500.00 $500.00 $650.00 $900.00
Nunavut 0 0 0 0